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Chris Muirhead




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Aches - 42 year sunset video

4 years in the making, This statement still holds true. Thank you to the rest of Aches and everyone that has helped make this short film a reality. 

Photo: Laura Harris

Chris Muirhead



Chris (1982) is a musician, writer and filmmaker who joined his first band when he was 12 and has been making things ever since.


He draws inspiration from a wide range of sources, such as popular neuroscience, the multiverse, the study of mind-altering substances, current politics and mental health issues, and is especially interested in the parallels that can be drawn between these. This research translates into a rich language based practice of lyric writing, film-making and musical composition, in which the visceral experience of his audience is foremost. 

Sea View Selfie 02.jpg
Photo: Dom Moore
Photo: Martha Fitzpatrick
Photo: Paul Hudson
Photo: Pete Miles
Photo: Josh Greet

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