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Aches is the band I spend most of my spare time working with.

Aches are a five piece art-damaged noise rock act from Plymouth, UK. Drawing inspiration from academic writing around capitalism, neuroscience and drug use; from personal experiences and research around mental illness and suicide; from alternative music, sound art and film; they work together in the studio they have built together in a historic back lane building that was once used for storing grain.

Working with local visual artists & filmmakers they create visuals that accompany the sometimes soundscape, occasionally abrasive and urgent noise that they work on as a collective. Keen to create a sense of spectacle at their shows, they seek out alternative venues and invite artists they are personally excited to work with to play in Plymouth: they have now played with Sly & The Family Drone, Minami Deutsch, Blanck Mass & Anthroprophh.


Having now finalised recording of an EP that showcases the bands current stage perfectly the band are seeking out representation and hoping to release the songs, arrange and play more interesting shows and begin work on the next release. 

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Aches gig at the House, 2023

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The Imperfect Orchestra Website Link

My other ongoing musical project is The Imperfect Orchestra.


The Imperfect Orchestra (IO) is an eclectic ensemble of musicians based in Plymouth (UK) creating live music accompaniments to film, theatre, dance, performance art, and many other visual art forms.


IO has no fixed line-up and metamorphoses with each performance, mixing classical and modern instruments, writing original scores and soundtracks inspired by a wide variety of musical genres including rock, folk, electro, jazz, ambient and classical in collaboration with filmmakers and artists.

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