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My directorial work so far comprises Metamorphosis (2018), Merrivale (2021) & Kalla (2022), all of which have been screened by contemporary institutions (The Arts Institute: University of Plymouth, and Plymouth Arts Cinema.)

In my filmography I have prioritised collaborative and inclusive techniques in order to tell stories that I feel are important - often working with non-actors chosen for the way they embody the themes at the heart of each film. 

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Kalla is the story of a woman that is full of anger. Her sacking from her office job pushes her out onto the moor to try communicating with the trees, perhaps amongst the mycelium network and branches she can find a purpose beyond her rage at a world that increasingly baffles and infuriates her.

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Merrivale was a film about plague, theft and blame as well as the intoxicating nature of money. I was thinking about the billions syphoned off by inappropriate private companies during the initial lockdowns during covid. The winners and losers in a hyper capitalistic society are all too predictable - the unprofitable get a clap at the doorstep and the ruthless use disasters to build vast wealth.


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My first film was an exploration of male identity, how our interaction with online digital spaces and its abstraction of self into a superficial persona, or avatar, create a scenario that makes it even harder for men (or those identifying as men) to openly discuss their feelings. I was thinking about individuals that I know that have committed suicide and the film was a vehicle for me to explore the complicated emotions I have around the act of suicide.

My next film, working in conjunction with Katy Richardson, Hereditech will continue and compliment my body of work, exploring the things that make us angry enough to be compelled to act, as well as what gives us hope and a feeling of purpose around how we act in reaction to uncertain times

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