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We forget we are nature

Kalla (to call) is a drama film short with elements of Kitchen Sink and Folk Horror. It is a contemporary setting, in an alternate reality where Christianity never became the dominant religion and most Western societies have used various Pagan belief systems over the centuries, however, as now, religion itself is widely considered passe in Britain.

Gwydion (Georgia Simone), is an outspoken and angry woman, who feels very keenly the injustices and inequalities of the world.


Maeve (Lucy Dafwyn) is a positive force, has a strong spirituality and love of trees and the forces of nature. 


Cyan Bruise (Drew Turner) is highly intelligent, cynical and disdaining of Maeve, who he feels in competition with for the attention of Gwydion, his only friend.


The group trek out of the city and up the hill to perform a Wassailing to the trees, here they experience something that might convince them of how humanity can begin to heal its relationship with nature. 



Written by Katy Richardson & Chris Muirhead
Directed by Chris Muirhead


Georgia Simone  -  Gwydion

Drew Turner         -  Cyan Bruise

Lucy Dafwyn        - Maeve

Jane Richardson  - Mother (Audio)

Katy Richardson   - Mother (visual)

Chris Muirhead     - Connal


Christian Attree     - Cinematography

Katy Richardson    - Producer

Chris Bailey            - Assistant Director & Producer

Tom Richardson    - Score and Sound Design

Jack Harris              - Sound Recording


Grace Lightman

Tom Richardson

Jon Fazel

Angelique Kergosien

Chris Muirhead

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