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Kalla (To Call) Mood Board & Overview

Introduction: many folk horror stories explore our innate fear of the forest, or the dark, or other unknowns by pitching science, capitalism and christianity against the dark, uneducated forces of paganism - portraying this interaction as one of dangerous primal forces that we are in danger of succumbing to if we do not stand up for our modern attitudes and belief systems. In light of our culture’s inexorable slide into climate change, I cannot help but see this as a backward view; and therefore wish to explore the idea that Pagan and localised forms of spirituality that deal with nature, rather than profit and progress, as the centre of ritual and worship could actually be the very thing that reverses some of the hugely damaging processes that are causing our environment so much harm.

The VVitch (2015) Eggers

Kalla (to call) is a drama short with elements of Kitchen Sink and Folk Horror. Contemporary setting, in an alternate reality where Christianity never became the dominant religion and most Western societies have used various Pagan belief systems over the centuries, however, as now, religion itself is widely considered passé in Britain.

Gwydion is an outspoken and angry woman, who keenly feels the injustices and inequalities of the world.

Maeve is more introverted, has a strong spirituality and love of trees and the forces of nature.

Costume will be conventional contemporary I suspect, though this may change.

10 – 12 mins runtime

Gwydion loses her job at a call centre

Dead Mans Shoes (2004)

We meet Gwydion at home in her flat, depressed and aimless, she is joined by Maeve, who suggests a walk to some apple trees;

This is England (2006)

Maeve says that we are in the time of Wassailing - the act of singing to them and being in their presence offers guidance.

Fish Tank (2009)

2. Maeve takes her to an orchard and convinces her to sing to them,

Wicker Man (2006)

In the Earth (2021)

In the Earth (2021)

Hagazussa (2017)

Gwydion loses herself in the act of singing and doesn’t notice a ghostly choir appearing behind her

The choir harmonises with her, advising that the trees used to sing back…

3. Gwydion and Maeve, energised,walk to the top of the hill overlooking the city

They vow to make the trees sing once more

Stylistically I am inspired by recent folk horror movies like The VVitch, Midsommar Hagazussa, In The Earth & November, as well as directors Shane Meadows & Ben Wheatley. My continuing research into Paganism will inform the script

Midsommar (2019)

Hagazussa (2017)

November (2017)

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