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Mood Board for 'Aches - 42 Year Sunset' Music Video

~ This film will be a very human reflection of a post human world. Things have happened here, but we are now either gone, or only a very few of us are left... ~

(still from Trollhunter 2010)

~ the creature will be in the background, stalking across the horizon ~

(still from Slenderman)

~ ...or vaguely within it, occasionally looking back to see the viewer, who is arbitrary and non important ~

Stills from footage I have made so far:

Misty Moorland Wall.

~ The creature will be just visible through the mist in some shots ~

Sea Spray

The still sea

Coastal horizon,

~ the creature will be visible over the horizon - walking slowly past - slightly hidden by mist and cloud (perhaps the head wont be visible) ~

The Trees

~ throughout the film we will see the Trees, either thrashing around, standing still with clouds passing by, and in full leaf or bare; in some ways they are the personalities in the film, in the absence of people ~

More Coast

Still to be shot:

  1. Footage at sea, abandoned concrete outcrops

  2. Water Rushing by, hopefully some choppy water

  3. If very lucky - a Storm

  4. Dawn footage of the city, totally empty streets

  5. Woodland

Costume & Mask Ideas

The creature is a representation of shareholders of oil and arms companies, think of the Nazis that were "just following orders", they have no idea that what they're doing is wrong because a financial adviser motivated them to invest.

Once human life is snuffed out on this planet, their collective ghoul haunts the landscape, drifting mindlessly from place to place, desperate to feed, insatiable and despicable and cruel.

A shredded Pinstripe Suit,

Types of Teeth

Still from Blood & Black Lace - just because it comes to mind for some reason

Leah's Ideas for Mask & Costume

Mask Ideas

General Costume Ideas

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